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The South African mobile phone market continues to grow and a new era in direct marketing has given companies an exciting new tool: the SMS or Text Message. We aim to provide you with a secure, dependable, high capacity messaging platform. SMS Text Messaging provides you with a cost effective method of conveying text information to an unlimited number of contacts directly to their mobile phones.

This web-based product offers bulk SMS delivery, bulk imports of contacts, SMS scheduling, view SMS replies and advanced sending features.

You can now send text messages to mobile phones from your PC and it couldn't be easier! SMS is ideal for sending the same message to one, tens, hundreds or thousands of recipients with just a few mouse clicks.SMS is used by both individuals and companies for contacting people quickly, reliably, discreetly, at low cost and when speed is essential. So whether is business or personal you’ve come to the right place.


SMS can be used in various ways to save you time and money.

  • Deliver professional and targeted SMS marketing campaigns
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Personalised communications, address each SMS individually
  • Contacting: employees, friends, church groups, and club members.
  • Invitations, new product launch, specials, recruitment, schools.
  • Campaigns: Marketing, Political, Social, Environmental, and Security.
  • Fund raising, real estate clients, patients, contractors, competitions
  • Tenants, neighbour-hood watch, client reminders.
  • Disaster management in high-risk areas.
  • Most affordable and effective method of direct communication across all South African network operators.
  • Our system allows for easy import of number lists with standardized or customized message content.
  • Standard SMS contains 160 characters.
  • No monthly or setup costs, SMS credits are purchased in advance.
  • Integration with exiting systems using HTTP or web service interfaces.
  • SMS scheduling features allowing proactive message dissemination up to a year in advance.
  • Receive SMS Replies on a Cell phone, an Email address or this Web site
  • Auto response to SMS replies

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